Jake Miller - Hit And Run Tour

Jake Miller - Hit And Run Tour

Devin Hayes, New CIty

Wed · May 16, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$22 advance GA, $37 Priority Early Entry GA

This event is all ages

All Ages Event. Anyone under 16 must be with an adult 18+

Priority Entry Tickets Door time is 7pm

Priority Early Entry includes:

Access inside the venue before regular general admission guests. 

Pre-show limited crowd merchandise shopping.

Jake Miller
Jake Miller
Jake Miller launches new song "Overnight" and Overnight EP available for pre-order today
Jake Miller to join Fifth Harmony on tour in August
Jake Miller releases new EP, 'Rumors,' July 8th via Warner Bros. Records
"Dazed and Confused" Video Premiere / U.S. Tour Dates Announced
Jake Miller to release EP, 'Lion Heart,' digitally on November 4th and in F.Y.E Stores November 24th
New CIty
New CIty
NEW CITY BIO We now live in a playlist culture. For listeners today, musical genres and divisions are breaking down, and songs live or die on their own merits—no longerdependent on which category they’re placed in. Toronto-based trio NEW CITYis a new band with a new sound for this new moment.“All three of us have such different influences and styles,” says guitarist/programmer Jed Webster. “Ourmusical brains are all so different, and blending it together you get a lot of different-soundingthings. It’s not just one guy writing lyrics, and we’re all contributing on everything from the drum parts,to the vocal melodies,to the mix.”“We definitely fit in this impulsivesociety,” adds vocalist Adrian Mitchell. “Wedo a lot in a little bit of time—there’s a lot coming at you, we want to tell you a lot of things and show all our influences.”With club beats, pop hooks, live guitars and drums, and universally youthful themes of searching for a good time, the music of NEW CITYbuildson the sound of such acts as the Chainsmokers, Disclosure, and The Weeknd. Reaction to their initial releases was immediate; their first single, “Coachella,” amassed almost two million streams, withClash magazinedeclaring it a “perfect pop confection.”The follow-up, the Deep House-inflected “Dirty Secrets,” entered the Canadian chart at number 22, jumping sevenspots in just two weeksand clearing fourmillion streams, "With the irresistible pop sensibilities of New City,” wrote Billboard, “they are a secret you’ll want to share."Webster and drummer/programmer Nathan Brown are lifelong friendswho grew up together in the small farming community of Sussex, New Brunswick: Webster’s dad fed him a steady diet of blues guitar heroes (Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Muddy Waters), while Brown was more focused on rock groups before discovering electronic music in high school. “We started a band in grade 7 and we’ve been trying ever since,” says Brown. “There are zero musicians where we’re from, which is what made us learn to do it all ourselves. We were obsessed with the idea that we could do it, and I think we put in our ten thousand hours of practice before we even left.”The pair took a big leap and moved to Toronto, sleeping on a basement floor for two years and working on music everyday. They met R&B fan Mitchell, who was born in central Ontario and was trying to make it as a solo artist, at a hotel party and quickly joined forces. “I had to be a chameleon, and figure out the previous boundaries and rules that they established,” Mitchell says. “I just listened a lot at first, saw how they talked and worked and then triedto findwhere I could fit in and contribute best.”They spent countless hours listening to music together, dissecting their reactions andpreferences, figuring out what direction their own sound might take.As they started to write, the stories and images reflected their own lives, experiences, and dreams; while "Coachella" imagines what it would be like going hard with your best friends insunny California, the song was actually composed by the trio while sitting in a basement, broke, with snow fallingoutside.
The NEW CITYboys kept digging deeper and deeper into studying music, searching for the secrets and clues togreatness. “We love pop songs, it’s like a drug to us,” says Webster. “We are infatuated by every single piece of the pop song. Stevie Wonder, old R&B, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, Max Martin—we analyze the shit out of all that stuff to figure out how to sculpta pop piece of work. We wake up and every day we could write a song, the process is so addictive to us.”The group also draws from the momentum of their adopted hometown, which in recent years has produced such superstars as Drake, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, and Alessia Cara. “There’s so much good music, good style, and good people in Toronto,” says Webster. “When I go to LA or wherever, I realize that I take it for granted—there’s an unmatched energy here that I find nowhere else.”Mitchell points to “Getting Closer,” one of the most recent compositions, as an example of NEW CITY’sevolution. “It’s about breaking yourself down and putting everything on the table, but still feeling lost,” he says. “It reflects the wayswe’vefound ourselves as a band and can talk about bigger topics. At first, we wrote about the things we wanted and desired, but now our writing is starting to reflect what our purpose actually is and what we’re looking for in the future.”The members of NEW CITYmay still be young, but it’s been a long road for them to get to the starting line. They all notice the growth and progress they feel, especially when they perform their first singles. “We’vebeen in studio mode for so long,” says Brown, “I look back at those guys on ‘Coachella’ and ‘Dirty Secrets’ and I can barely even recognize them. It’s crazy how much you can develop and change. When we play those songs, we still have such a connection to them that it takes us right back to when we were writing them. But I can’t wait until the thinking stops and the doing starts—that we’reout there playing and not just wondering how people will react. I can’t wait to see where we’ll actually go.”
Venue Information:
The Rapids Theatre
1711 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY, 14305